What product comes next?


Our Client was a leading European supplier of secure software solutions for government institutions. 

The first generation of a certain product platform had proven a large success, and the customers were looking forward to the next generation of the product. Although many ideas existed on how to product could look like, sales and marketing failed in coming to a conclusive direction.


Type of project

Roadmap & product definition.


The challenge

  • A large wish list of features existed, but the team lacked a thinking framework to prioritize and bundle in a meaningful way towards the customer
  • Product Management had extensive customer knowledge but was not able to translate the details to the bigger picture.
  • What we did
  • Through a series of internal workshops, Skein extracted internal implicit knowledge to an explicit level. In this way the entire team was brought to the same level of insight in the business.
  • With Customer Value Mapping we condensed the available customer insights into five value domains which were valuable to the customer.
  • Value domains were validated with the customers together with sales and product management.
  • Based on these domains, the various proposed features were scored according to customer value they would bring.
  • Valuable features were clustered into a package in line with the identified Value Domains.


The result

  • Both the sales and product development team now share a common view on the business.
  • Introducing the Customer Value Framework allowed the teams to discuss on a big picture level a sort the important from the less important.
  • New product was defined and validated with the customer community.


What product comes next?