What we offer

Strategic Marketing & Sales Excellence Training

Imagine your organization becoming sales & marketing savvy. Join leading companies & discover our tailored trainings.

Strategic Marketing & Sales Excellence Coaching

Transfrom your sales & marketing from within. Explore our coaching trajectories.

Strategic Marketing & Sales Excellence Consulting

Need an injectionof B2B sales & marketing expertise? Need a second opinion? Connect with our senior consultants for help.

What is strategic marketing?

Strategic marketing done well, creates a sustainable competitive advantage in the market. It helps an organization to:


Increase value for its customers through bringing more customer centric products in the market 



Increasing value for the company through improving the way in which sales, marketing & product development work together to satisfy customer needs.



Increasing value for shareholder by creating a long-term differentiated market position in profitable markets 

What our customers say

Our focus areas

Strategic Marketing & Sales Excellence Training

Sales Excellence, Lean Innovation & Product Management
  • Let your team think customer centric
  • Detecting & Indentifying customer needs 
  • Implementing Lean innovation
  • Product strategy
  • Sales Strategy

Strategic Marketing & Sales Excellence Coaching

Cooperation of Sales, Marketing & Operations
  • Roles, Responsibilities & Interactions
  • Create common language
  • Process Improvement from Value Discovery to Creation
  • Assessments & Personal Growth Plans

Strategic Marketing & Sales Excellence Consulting

Demand Creation & Route-to-Market
  • Measuring & Optimizing Marketing Return on Investment
  • Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • Go-to-Market Strategy & Execution
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Channel Management
  • Sales Management

Insights & cases

36 Sales Enablement Tools

Sales Enablement is about making sure your sales has all the tools needed to win the deal. Get inspired by our collection of 36 Sales Enablement Tools to rock your sales.

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How B2B Marketers can lift the Curse of Knowledge

This might come as somewhat of a surprise, but almost every technological company out there is cursed. Not in a medieval kind of way, although some of you might think that, but in a psychological way.

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Nobody is waiting for your innovation

Overcome the market inertia when introducing game-changing innovation. Learn what research has to say on the topic.

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3 reasons to choose skein

Practice based.

All our consultants had industry careers. Our focus is on practical implementation, not presentation. We strive for practical solutions with fast implementation tracks.

We are no advertising agency, we are no interim managers. 



Our team comprises of senior experts with successful corporate careers. We have lived through the challenges posed by complex markets and help you to push things through.

We are no software vendors, we are no Industry analysts. 


Skill building.

Our aim is to make teams and organizations self-sufficient. All our programs contain training & on the job coaching . We don’t give you fish but teach your team how to fish.

We don’t implement software, we don’t stop with PowerPoints.