The Team

Romeo Baertsoen

Process & Organizational Architect


Erwin Knuyt

Marketing Professor & Transformation Specialist


Yoav Nir

Lean Innovator, Author & Go-toMarket expert


Our beginnings

Founded in 2010 by Erwin Knuyt, Skein started as a training company focussed on sales and marketing. As training customers also asked for coaching & consulting, Erwin decided to join forces with three other professionals to broaden the offering. The Skein Company was born. Today, Erwin, Yoav, Wendy & Romeo help customers to thrive in fast-changing markets. Through customer-centric innovation, sales and marketing. The Skein Company trains your staff to get a customer-centric skillset, coaches them into a customer-centric attitude and offers consultancy when you are stretched on resources.

Books & Research Papers we recommend

Contagious - by Jonah Berger

'Social physics' by Alex Pentland

‘Influence’ by Robert Cialdini

Hooked by Nir Eyal

Our Locations

Refugestraat 18
8200 Brugge
0473 555 103

Valkenaard 16
2242 Pulderbos
0479 996 391

Leiestraat 67 bus 402
8930 Lauwe
0476 676 706

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