Harmonize your skills


Our Client was a leading Global supplier of diagnostic solutions for the healthcare industry. 

With an active HR policy of actively encouraging employees to grow into various functional domains, a lot of scientists moved from expert roles to business roles. This resulted for the product management and marketing side of business, in a large variation in marketing competencies.  The HR and business leadership wanted the various teams to get to a similar level of knowledge and insights into marketing.


Type of project

Marketing Skill Screening & Training deployment.


The challenge

  • How to determine what the appropriate level of marketing knowledge is to succeed in the job.
  • How to screen hundreds of professionals on knowledge of marketing skills
  • Develop a trainings program to bring the entire organization to the same level of knowledge and insights.


What we did

Based on Skein’s Product Management model, the different areas of required knowledge were mapped and validated with senior management.

  • Through a cloud-based tool, all product managers were screened and assessed.
  • Staff were clustered in different expertise levels.
  • Specific trainings programs were developed per expertise levels
  • Ongoing multi-year training deployment throughout EMEA organization


The result

  • The client has now a unified competence framework across the organization to asses product managers against.
  • Human resources have a clear marketing skill assessment of the various national product management organizations.
  • Regional managers & individual product managers understand what knowledge areas require further development.
  • Over 100 product managers trained, further enrolment ongoing.


Harmonize your skills