Should I enter or stay out?


Our Client was a leading global supplier of HVAC equipment for the building industry. On a quest for growth, the organization wanted to evaluate if it could enter the market of installation material.


Type of project

Market Entry Potential Assessment.


The challenge

  • Management wanted to have a clear understanding of the market size for installation material.
  • The company needed to understand how potential customers would evaluate this move.


What we did

  • Supporting organization to define the key data on market drivers
  • Collection of missing data through expert interviews, consolidating internal knowledge on the topic
  • Extensive series of qualitative interviews with customers to map:
    • Current purchase behaviour
    • Competitive Playing Field
    • Unmet customer needs
  • Validation of findings from qualitative market research with quantitative market research
  • Build financial market model in which different sales scenarios could be tested.


The result

  • Created common explicit understanding of the installation material market within the organization.
  • Market Model allowing the company to size the opportunity and in which different sales scenarios could be simulated.
  • Customer assessment of the commercial viability of the client entering the new market.


Should I enter or stay out?