Participant profile

Typically we see mainly marketers participating, but no branding training can be successful of the CEO of the company is not involved in one way or another. Hence, we never give this training without commitment from the top. We don’t want you to waste money.

How we work

We use “Applied Action Learning”; we start from specific business needs (Applied) for which we create specific assignments & exercises (Action) where students need to apply the new concepts and frameworks (Learning).

To achieve this, we begin by conducting a series of stakeholder interviews. For branding, we focus on talking to senior sales & marketing staff to understand their needs. But we also engage service management as they have a huge impact on how your brand is perceived in the market.  We prefer to also talk to some customers, as your brand lives in their brains. This helps us get a clear understanding of your needs and opportunities.

We then organize a survey with the participants, to map their skill base, training needs & growth areas. 

Equipped with these insights, we design the program, align with management on the branding objectives and start training.

All trainings end with a presentation to senior management by the participants, to show their branding strategy & get approval for the steps ahead.


Why partner with Skein

Skein is a group of B2B marketing experts who combine both academic insights with hands-on practical experience. Our trainers all held senior positions in international companies. This allows them to apply current scientific insights to real-life business. Making sure your professionals don’t get stuck in yet another theoretical training.

Skein firmly routes its learning methods in the contemporary insights of ‘Learning Science’. Multiple independent studies confirm the value of ‘active learning’ methods as being the most efficient method for learners to reach the required level of understanding. A critical component of active learning is that the learner, rather than the instructor, is at the centre and focus of all activities in the classroom through involving them in gathering information, thinking, and problem solving.