Aligning Business Cases


Our Client was a leading global supplier of Audio-Visual solutions to a selected number of professional markets. As multiple product managers were using different financial assumptions when preparing business cases, the client was looking for a global financial market model that would serve as a single source of truth for new business cases.

Type of project

Financial Market Sizing.


The challenge

  • No independent market reports were available for this specific market.
  • Model needed to encompass the entire globe and needed to facilitate the making of prognoses per country.
  • The model needed to be able to forecast the size of the market for a period of 5 years.
  • Model needed to be open so new insights could be incorporated with relative ease.


What we did

  • Based on a series of expert interviews, a list was created of market drivers.
  • Through extensive research, data sources were identified with proxies for the market drivers.
  • Various scenarios were built for the model, and stress tested together with the Client’s Market Intelligence team.
  • During the final stages of development, model was validated with the various stakeholders across the globe.
  • Different Product Management teams were trained in usage of the Market Model.


The result

  • The financial Market Model was validated and approved by the various regional product management and sales organizations.
  • The Client deployed the model globally as a single source of truth for all business cases.
  • Financial uniformity created across business cases across the globe.


Aligning Business Cases