Increased student participation for better education outcomes

'Professor, what do we need to study for the exam?' is the annual recurring question from students. This always makes you think: what is the real motivation of the student to attend my class? But when you think about it, the question is a result of the way we have been teaching in at Belgian universities. Most the evaluation is based on the final exam.

My colleague Alea Fairchild at the KU Leuven stated that the increasing number of international students force us to drastically review our teaching methods. The international students in Business Administration programs are not used to heavy emphasis on the final exam. They want to know where they stand during the course. They want to interact with the professor and with each other. And I guess we all want a better class room experience.

The education exchange platforms that we use already offer multiple opportunities to activate the learning experience. I use the platform to load up teaching materials and exchange messages with students. The educational exchange platform offer so much more to activate the students before, during and after class: discussion groups, polls, quizzes, journals, blogs,...

Digital transformation? Not really. To me, it is about continuously engaging with the student. I need to rethink my course, and integrate more digital tools from the educational exchange platform. Will increased student activation - as compared with our traditional exam evaluation - lead to better outcome? An interesting research topic!