"We help leaders make products and services successful"

The Skein Company aims at transforming companies to consistently deliver successful products. With experience in various industries like electronics, pharmaceuticals, building technology etc., we can help you develop your teams and improve the output of your processes.

Skein's areas of focus

Upstream Marketing

| Lean Innovation & Product Management

  • Innovate faster & cheaper in areas that matter to your customers.
  • Grow your return on capital employed with strategic product management.

Internal Marketing

| Cooperation of Sales, Marketing & Operations

  • Clear internal roadblocks with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Streamline internal processes for customer centricity
  • Invest in marketing skills to grow your people

Downstream Marketing

| Marketing ROI & Demand Creation

  • Measure your Marketing ROI to get more impact from your spend
  • Grow market share with optimized Go-to-Market strategies

Pharmacy & Life Sciences

Years and years of research result in the newest products, how to market and route-to-market are the keys to success. .


Industry Expertise

High Tech

Daily looking for the next innovation, high tech is a rapidly evolving industry. Translating complexity in human speak.


Building Industry

Going to market through an army of installers and contractors, poses its specific sets of challenges.


Finance & Insurances

Choosing what combination of factors will make the next killer product.




Lack of knowledge is costly. Imagine your product managers trained for success. Discover Skein’s tailored trainings.




Stuck in the old ways? Transform your marketing from within. Explore Skein’s impactful coaching trajectories.


Own your future. Imagine Marketing in the driver’s seat. Engage with our expert consulting services.

The Skein Advantage

We sense your challenges.

With a single specialization, we are dedicated to Strategic Marketing. It is all we do.

We fully understand the challenge of defining innovative products & bring them to market.


We understand your organization.

Our team comprises of senior experts with successful corporate careers. We have lived through the challenges posed by complex organizations and thrived.

We will help you to push things through.

We make things happen.

Our focus is on implementation, not presentation. We strive for practical solutions with fast implementation tracks.

We don’t give you fish but teach your team how to fish.


The Team

Founded in 2010 by Erwin Knuyt, Skein started as a training company focussed on sales and marketing. As training customers also asked for coaching & consulting, Erwin decided to join forces with three other professionals to broaden the offering. The Skein Company was born.Today, Erwin, Yoav, Wendy & Romeo help customers to thrive in fast-changing markets. Through customer-centric innovation, sales and marketing.The Skein Company trains your staff to get a customer-centric skillset, coaches them into a customer-centric attitude and offers consultancy when you are stretched on resources.



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